Sunday 27 February 2022

Beasts of Chaos Bbrogganogh

Something I put together last year - a monstrous mounted Gor champion on an utterly horrendous monstrous mount. Pictures, lore, and Warscroll below the jump...

The Bbrogganogh is a singularly vile creature of the deep woods. Something like a huge, rotten bear, or a a giant boar, or a hunched six-legged wolf.

Very few living creatures will permit a Gor to come close to them, let alone ride them. Wild animals are instinctively terrified of the taint of Chaos, perhaps detecting it as a predatory scent or an activation of their fight-or-flight response.

Likewise, a Bbrogganogh is gruesomely repellent to most other wild creatures. Its sour disposition makes it a particularly unsuited as a mount. It's a rare Gor that can approach one and survive, let alone break it as a mount. Such a feat doesn't indicate some sort of quality of strong-willed leadership in a Gor, more that both creatures have a rancid affinity for each other's foulness.

The Bbrogganogh is covered in a pelt of overgrown fur, matted with dung, mud, and tangled animal remains. Half-dead crows flutter within the tangles. Enemies striking at it find their weapons catching in matted knots of filthy hair. Even when a strike is true, the Bbrogganogh can lose chunks of sloughing flesh without much complaint.

Although painfully ornery and oblivious, once goaded into a rampage, the barrelling charge of a Bbrogganogh can kill an opponent outright, trampling them with tonnes of stampeding momentum.

It's said that when a Bbrogganogh clamps its jaws on a victim, it will never let go until its victim is dead.

Only marginally less foul is the Gor-Lord riding the creature - a sullen lumpy thing unusually, for the Beats of Chaos, wielding a true weapon. Its greataxe, found who-knows-where, is a formiddable decapitating chunk of solid iron.

I built the Bbrogganogh last year while thinking about the lack of mounted options in Beasts of Chaos. While it feels like it makes thematic sense for BoC to not have ranks of mounted monster cavalry, I think that one leader riding a horrible wild beast is a plausible fit.

I didn't expect it to be workable in rules terms (there's not much it can "counts as"). However, Games Workshop released a set of character creation rules ("Anvil of Apotheosis") in the General's Handbook, which have enough customisation to make a Gor hero mounted on a monstrous beast.

After some painstaking editing in Scribus, I put together a fully balanced (a neat 20DP using the Anvil of Apotheosis rules) Warscroll for a Gorlord on Bbrogganogh:

Finally, check out this incredible drawing of the Bbrogganogh that JamJarAstronaut made and posted on Instagram! I'm thrilled at how well they captured the detail and character of the model.

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