Friday, 2 March 2018

Denizens of Mordheim – Cult of the Possessed

Well, I had enough leftover bits to make one or two new models and then… things escalated… My Mordheim tinkering has borne even more conversions. Here's my Chaos cult. Background, roster, and photographs below the jump.

The Dust Brethren

For weeks after the comet hit Mordheim, the lands downwind of the city were coated in an acrid yellow dust. It clogged the water and coated the trees; it mixed with the mud and settled on roofs like fine snow. The air tasted bitter and when it rained the dust merely seeped into clothing and washed into the bricks of the houses.

John Martin, The Great Day of His Wrath 1851–3                                                                          
The event was rendered into the lifeblood of the land. Looking at the trees, one could see the exact point where the natural growth of the trunks abruptly changed into an explosive outburst of crazed and wiry twigs. Mutant animals were born, and the people became sickly.

John Martin, The Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, 1852
Some of the villagers on overlooking hills had seen the fall of the comet. The shockwave had blown the roofs off their cottages even from tens of miles away. People swore they had heard a single word uttered at the moment the light of the impact lit up the night sky, but none agreed on what it said. To the man now called DeVermis, it said "Carcarus"– "the Pit". And he told others…


As I said above, I realised I had enough spare bits left over from other projects to make a couple models for this side project, and then– like Bilgitriç the Daemonhost– the project grew legs…

The brethren are all based on Skaven clanrat bodies with sculpted hoods and headdresses made from odds and ends. The magister is basically a flagellant with a scratch-built book and the darksoul is a poxwalker (the one I got Marga's head from) with armour sculpted on in greenstuff. The possessed is the model I had the most fun with, using the gribbly man-eating fish-head from the old Chaos Forsaken kit and three Ad-Mech bionic legs. I like to think the fish head is its true head, and the man-shaped lump at the front is its stomach, everted for eating.

With painting, I went for yellow robes with heavy pale drybrushing to look dried out and musty. I hadn't got a solid concept to begin with but it happily began to come together during the building and painting. I started thinking about Zdzislaw Beksiński, Wayne Barlowe, Francis Bacon, Silent Hill.



Magister 80g
Dagger, helmet

Possessed 170g
Daemon soul, cloven hooves

1x Darksoul 110g
Flail, heavy armour, helmet

3x Brethren 115g
Rudda, Dukka, Carka

1x Brethren 33g
Mace, shield

Total 498g


Brethren Dukka
Brethren Rudda
Brethren Gumma
Brethren Carka
Magister DeVermis
Detail of DeVermis's Book
Kurga the Darksoul
Bilgitriç, the Daemonhost
Bilgitriç's ass

I'm still working on my Expeditionary Company! Updates to come soon.


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