Saturday, 24 March 2018

Denizens of Mordheim – The Undead

Many grim and grody things creep the streets of Mordheim. Lady Mazıroğlu's zombie henchmen are a thrifty make-do bits-box dive both IRL and in-setting.


Here's the roster for Lady Mazıroğlu's retinue. It's nowhere near a complete 500g warband since I really just wanted to knock together some zombies out of spare parts– the vampire followed from there. If I stretched to 500g I guess I could just keep on making zombies!

The zombies were a really fun casual build (mostly based on the very old bone-coloured plastic Warhammer Fantasy skeletons) that I enjoyed painting. I tried some unusual undead colour schemes bright reds, yellows and blues; waxy white and dripping black. Actually I didn't really have enough bits to make them, so some of their limbs are replaced with struts and tied-together wooden poles– I think in-universe their frugal vampire built them the same way. Little Kafa is just a skull with chicken legs and an axe stuck in him, perhaps he's a homonculus?

Lady Mazıroğlu was tougher to make– I tried to stretch a very sparse few bits and went for a nebulous ethereal design to make it work. The front of her robes is roughly sculpted from Milliput and could be neater. I think the paint job keeps her together though– in particular the Daemonette face is really well defined and fun to paint.


Vampire 140g
Lady Güler Mazıroğlu
Sword, light armour

2x Zombies 30g
Boş, Kof

2x Zombies 30g
Kör, Göz

1x Zombie 15g

Total 215g


Lady Güler


The Expeditionary Company are nearly complete! Follow me on Instagram for more updates.


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