Friday, 22 June 2018

40k Blanchitsu Eldar

Here's a little one-off project, and the most Blanchitsu model I've built. I set myself the challenge of scratch-building a model in one day and painting it the next, and this is the result. Having not made anything (A)elfy before I wanted to make a real alien-looking being. It was gonna be a Dark Eldar at the start, but the build process was improvised and the model got more ambiguously Aeldari as it developed. By the time I added the Bretonnian horse-shaped helm the model looked more like an Aeldari Dire Avenger than a Drukari Bad Guy, so Aeldar xe is.

Process pics below the jump…

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Age of Sigmar - Relic Lizardmen

Since there's some Lizardish rumblings coming from Games Workshop, I'm gonna reveal an Age of Sigmar project I've had on the backburner for a few months: Relic Lizardmen. While AoS's Seraphon are their own thing, and Daemons of Order is a cool idea, I'm aiming with this project to rehabilitate the Lizardmen of Lustria as gribbly monster-people: dinosaurian, antediluvian, insectile, chimeric, malarial, amphibian, bug-eyed, hexapodal, photosynthetic, piscine, exotic, Mesozoic, grotesque, earthy. Unlike the Chaotic beastmen, the Relic Lizardmen aren't mutants but an evolving and proliferating species of terriffic biodiversity. That doesn't jibe with being made of starlight and moonbeams, so instead these Lizardmen are a remnant group, living fossils that survived the destruction of the Old World.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Mordheim Bretonnians

Who goes into Mordheim wearing blue and yellow stripes? Only a very particular class of badass. Bretonnian warband pics below the jump.