Thursday, 1 February 2018

Mordheim Expeditionary Company – painting update and roster

After a lot of sculpting my Mordheim mercenaries are getting their first coats of paint. Here's some background…

The Wederverkrijgingsgilde Expeditionary Company

The city of Mordheim was once a place of incredible wealth. When the Calamity knocked the city flat, many of the collapsed mansions and townhouses became sealed time capsules. Extravagant works of art, priceless musical instruments and antiques – many treasures with value beyond mere material capital lay lost under the rubble. And there are some very rich benefactors in the Empire who would pay handsomely for the extrication of those artefacts.

Commissioned to recover items of cultural significance, the Wederverkrijgingsgilde is an extremely well-funded group well-equipped for long ventures into the city ruins. Captained by veteran soldier Len Oortman, the group includes champion Loys Niuewenhove  brothers Claes and Carel Hoebeek, marksmen Thibaut and Nils, and stoic young lad Roelf Wiggaert (son of a local nobleman, a campaign in the cursed city is expected to be very character-building for the boy). Some of the old-timer mercenaries in the camps around Mordheim call the Wederverkrijgingsgilde "the Magpies" for their black and white clothing and interest in shiny trinkets that the usual looters overlook for apparent lack of value.


Below is the roster which happens to work out at exactly 500g. Roelf's banner is supported in the Opulent Goods rules in the Mordheim Annual although I find the rules unclear on which rare items you're allowed to equip on starting a new warband. As the Wederverkrijgingsgilde are commissioned by wealthy investors at significant expense I'm thinking of using Marienberg rules which will permit me an extra 100g to spend (I have a couple more ideas for models).

Since the converted models are based on 16th century Flemish/Dutch schutterstuk paintings, I've gone for mangled Old World pseudo-Dutch names for all the characters. Apologies to any Dutch readers!

Captain 120g
Len Oortman
Sword, light armour

Youngblood 35g
Roelf Wiggaert de Jonge
Banner, sword

Champion 75g
Loys Niuewenhove
Halberd, sword, light armour

2x Warriors 110g
Claes and Carel Hoebeek
Spear, light armour

2x Marksmen 160g
Thibaut Bruijs, Nils Block
Handgun, light armour

Total 500g

More Mordheim to come, including some of the city's less savory denizens.

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