Sunday, 10 April 2022

Auctioning some finished warband projects for charity

It's time to free up some space for new projects, and raise some money for good causes in the process. I'm putting up four complete Warhammer warbands for auction starting tonight and lasting one week. All proceeds go to LGBT charities in the UK. Check below the jump for  details and the links to eBay...

A note: I've spent the last week refreshing these warbands to bring them up to my current standards. That's meant improving the paint jobs, varnishing, adding some extra details and such like. I'm very fond of each and every one of these projects and it's hard to let them go! But I'm doing some housekeeping, and I could really do with freeing up some hobby space for new projects, so here they are, looking for a new home:

First up, a Mordheim Cult of the Possessed warband The Dust Brethren from 2018.

Secondly, a Warcry Nighthaunt warband The Screaming Fragments from 2020. This is maybe the most experimental project I've done - all are made from broken up pieces of GW kits to represent an abstract agglomeration of mad spirits.

Thirdly, a Hieronymous Bosch inspired Age of Sigmar warband, representing the followers of the Chaos God Obol, God of the Old World.

Last but not least, if you've been following me from the very beginning you might remember these, the very first project I posted here. This is the Lahmians Slaanesh warband for 40k. I'm still proud of this group.

An update: all four of these warbands sold, and raised over £220 for LGBT charities in the UK. Massive thanks to everyone who bid on these.


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