Monday, 4 November 2019

WIPs – What's Hek Up To in Late 2019?

It's been a busy year for my hobby desk! I've gotten full into the hobby butterfly style and have several things on the go at once, so here's what's in the pipeline that I'm planning to finish before the end of the year.

It's been a good year for my Relic Lizardmen. I finished the initial main group of models I set out to do last year. Next up I need to finish painting this little set of 5 extra Skinks that will bring the Skink unit up to a game-legal 10 models.

I also have a second Cold One Rider on the go. The plan is to add to what was initially a Scar Veteran on Cold One and turn him into one of a unit of Riders (probably the Standard Bearer). I'll need to make at least another 3 Riders to fill this unit, and I want to play around with making different riding beasts to represent different "Cold One" species.

Finally for Lizardmen, I'm assembling the bits to make another Saurus character. More on him later...


Last time I posted a WIP update post I hinted at a Boschian Mordheim warband. They're only a little bit further along. I'm dipping in to this as a side project whenever I want to try out a weird idea.


My Worms of Paradise Flesheater Courts warband for Warcry was hugely well-received on Instagram. I had a lot of fun building and painting them and I like Warcry as a system for making Mordheim-size warbands with the distinct flavour of the new Age of Sigmar fluff.

So I'm well on the way to finishing another little Warcry Death band, this time Nighthaunt. I'm taking a real piecemeal approach to constructing these out of all sorts of little offcuts and leftover pieces. I look forward to being able to share the completed band soon!


Finally, there's this chap, a remaining Moon Aelf who I didn't finish in time for the #28magchallenge deadline and have neglected to finish since. In fact, Games Workshop has done away with Skycutters altogether since I started him! I hope I can power on and finish him, his Moon-Vessel, and with that the Moon Aelves before GW release their long-teased Hyshian Aelves.


As much fun as I had with building Necrons last year, I won't be taking part in #kitbashember this year. has come up with another great set of prompts, and I'll be watching everyone's kitbashes with extreme interest! As an apology, here's a glimpse of what might be a new Necron.


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