Saturday, 1 December 2018

#Kitbashember Necrons roundup

With the start of December, #Kitbashember is over and done with. I've started painting the Necrons I made so here's a WIP group photo.

Image from NASA
The lion sat knee deep in the sand. It had never moved. The grey sun scorched the sand and the cold limbs of the lion. Were any living creature to come near, it would feel the warmth drawn out of the air around the lion, such that the baking sand of the desert gave way to an abrupt cold spot. But nothing living had ever been near.
The sun set and rose, and every day the lion drew every bit of warmth that fell on it into its stone body. Frost touched the sand around it. The sun rose and set, for thousands of years, each day giving its warmth to the lion, so that the lion must have imbibed and stored the power of a thousand thousand days of grey sunlight.
One night the sun set and the first sound to ever be heard in that desert rang out. “AWAKEN”. Somewhere deep in the ground beneath the lion, doors opened. The lion moved for the first time, rising to its feet, sand cascading from its haunches, to wait for the tombs to open.

Who's that lurking at the back, unpainted?
A big thank you to @Chaos_cooltist and for coming up with Kitbashember and a set of intriguing prompts. This project was just what I needed! Also I want to acknowledge Ana Polancsak's incredible Necrons project, which made me want to build Necrons as soon as I saw it. On Instagram, @fgsfds is also building some amazing Necron conversions that you should check out, and @ModernSynthesist's Kroot warband has been one of my favourite #Kitbashember projects to follow this month.

I might continue this project for a couple more kitbashes. Stay tuned...


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