Monday, 17 December 2018

#Kitbashember Bonus: Necron Immortal

#Kitbashember was so fun, here's one final bonus conversion while I'm in the mood for Necrons: a Necron Immortal.

The Immortals are unique among Necrons in that some resemblance of their original flesh is preserved in their undying form. While certainly no longer either organic nor live, their living-metal body retains the shape of musculature and skin, as well as skeletal structure. These formidable warriors look like walking statues of the old Necrontyr. Nephilit is an Immortal assigned to the retinue of Prince Nakhtnebtepnefer.

In my headcanon for Necrons, the Necrontyr Empire was made up of many species. The "Necrontyr" were not one race from one planet but the inhabitants of many systems united under one Empire. Their differences were somewhat flattened out when they became metal robots. But I think even their new forms were subject to the whims of the C'tan who transformed them. This leaves leeway for modellers to make them look very different from just undead / robot humans. I've considered making a few more Necrons from other dynasties that look drastically different because of the aesthetic tastes of their patron C'tan deity. But that depends if I still have Necron fever in the new year.

He's a big guy
See you in the new year


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