Sunday, 1 July 2018

40k Blanchitsu Dark Eldar

Of course I had to follow up last week's Good Eldar with a Bad Eldar. Scratchbuilt again from an even more depleted bits box. I went easier on myself this time and didn't stick to a two day deadline. Like last time the build was real ad hoc.

Process and more pics below the jump…

So I had one Ruststalker torso left to work with, which was already cut up from a cancelled test conversion ages ago. I had most of the old Termagant whose armour plates I used on last week's Eldar. I had a few hands but not many arms. No legs or feet at all!

First stage of the kitbash
Rear view
I sculpted the feet with greenstuff and padded out the legs and left arm over a framework of offcuts. I'm happy with the helmet, a mashup of Beastman head, Termagant tail and the dead Stormcast helmet that one of the Silver Tower familiars holds. The model was pretty fragile at this stage, so the greenstuff helped keep it from falling to bits.

Adding greenstuff
Adding greenstuff

Painting was real difficult for this one. I almost ruined it completely a couple times. I went into it thinking of just doing a reverse color scheme of its brother: purple with a blue gun. Turns out purple is a hard color to get right and it got ugly very quickly. I took some time to work on the metals instead and then, last thing in the evening, just glazed all the purples with a warm brown. The next morning the glaze had set and luckily had given the armour a cool corroded iron look, so I stuck with that. It wouldn't have been my first choice but hey it's a one-off. I stuck with the blue cannon because, like with the previous bright red Aeldari gun I wanted it to look like a totally alien piece of apparatus.

So these two Eldar projects have been kind of an exercise in truescale scratch-building. Here's what they look like next to each other:

Estranged siblings
And here's how they look next to a regular human being (a poor guy from my WIP Mordheim Ostlanders warband):


I'm done with Eldar for now. This was a fun side-project to tide me over while painting my very brown Ostlanders, who'll be complete very soon.



  1. Really good idea with these eldars, is it a problem if i take that idea to do something similar?

    1. Thanks, and no problem at all! I'd like to see what you come up with.

    2. Great! Of course, i will tag you on instagram, lot of thanks!! =D

  2. Pretty cool stuff. I'm not entire convinced the weapon looks like a gun, but I really admire the work and creativity that went into this. The end result really does look like something from a John Blanche illustration!

    1. Thanks! The gun was a tricky point because any further changes like sights or handles made it look like a "human" weapon and I wanted it to look real alien.