Sunday, 6 October 2019

Custom Warcry Cards for Worms of Paradise

I'm thrilled that the Worms of Paradise got such a positive reception on Instagram! My thoughts are still in the Worms' world of flesh horror so I tried my hand at something new, namely illustrating some custom fighter cards for them.
Something I enjoy in other hobbyist's work is seeing custom made equipment aside from the models themselves. Tears of Envy's accompanying materials for her Mordheim 2019 project is a great example. This is something I haven't tried before (I simply much prefer modelling to gaming) but I think Warcry presents a great opportunity to do something like this. Illustration is something I've done before outside of the context of hobby but I'm a little out of practice. Nontheless I broke out my tablet and had a shot!

The blank fighter card template produced by Waywalker Studios was invaluable for this project. They also produce a Runemark font that was useful, and identified the correct "official" typeface to use for the card text (RodchenkoCTT). I hope their hard work sparks off plenty of homebrew content for Warcry, a setting that already seems ideal for hobbyists to explore the weirder parts of the Age of Sigmar.



  1. I really love the theme of your warband and these cards compliment them wonderfully.

    I'll be making some for my own miniatures I'm making for the Tales from The Ashen Stair project I'm a part of when I get closer to play time :)

    1. Thank you! Looking forward to seeing more of your Ashen Stair work!