Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Mordheim Bretonnian Stilt-walker, Witch and Ogre

About a year ago, I sent some Bretonnians into Mordheim. Here's some more outlandish reinforcements for them...

Sr Og the ogre
Minding his business one day in one of the forests near Castillo Montefort, Og noticed (after a while) a kerfuffle. Sr Laurenc's hunting party, deep in the woods, had been set upon by a small band of pillaging orcs. Motivated by hunger, Og decided to intervene and, weighing up his options, decided to side with the little humans wearing funny shiny clothes (which he found delightful). He strode straight out of the woods, picked up the surprised orc leader, and ate him right then and there.
Sr Laurenc was known for his eccentricities, but many were surprised when he returned to court with an ogre in tow, more so when he announced he would knight the noble Sr Og. Og was thrilled with the attention he enjoyed as a local curiosity, and was amused at being lavished with funny shiny clothes of his own. On expeditions, he bears a suit of giant armor made for him in the old style, a heraldic tapestry for a cloak, a burning torch on his head (so that he can function as a rallying point for the warband), and a single tremendous iron sword that is barely as sharp as a butterknife, but heavy enough to squash opponents with one blow.


Lady Sylvaine, the witch
A mysterious figure, the Lady Sylvaine is trusted by Sr Laurenc and few others. She is said to come from near Lorien or thereabouts, to be a distant cousin or aunt or second cousin of Sr Laurenc – no one is certain. Her powers are even more mysterious, for no one doubts that she is "witchy" and has an uneasy sorcerous aura about her, but she is not forthcoming with frivolous displays of magick. Moreover she remains veiled at all times...


Guillam Hooy de Floret, the stiltwalker
An unusually specialised man-at-arms, Guillam uses the traditional shepherds stilts to stride above the ruined streets and spot enemies from a vantage point. His pole-arm also serves as a walking-stick to steady himself, and he can move quite nimbly.


Sr Og here is a non-GW model. In fact I don't know the manufacturer – the 54mm metal early-medieval knight has been in my bitz box for a couple of decades. I modified him with greenstuff shoes and a thicker neck, a scratchbuilt left arm and a giant sword made from offcuts. The torch on his head is from the Flagellants – the rest of the team use him as a highly visible rallying point in battle.

I tried extending Sr Laurenc's blue and yellow heraldry on this model. His smock appears to be cut from the same material as Sr Laurenc's, but the pattern repeats more since it's covering a bigger body. His cloack is the most complicated piece, where I tried my hand at a Millefleur style tapestry (specifically based on "À Mon Seul Désir").

Guillam is of course a Bretonnian man-at-arms with some modifications, and the Lady Sylvaine is a mix of Daemonette and Grave Guard with an old Bretonnian Knight helmet crest for a veil – perhaps the only thing declaring her "good" alignment.

I posted a WIP picture to Instagram a while back where you might spot a fourth model. He was going to be a leper, but I couldn't make a very interesting model so gave up on the build partway through! I'll use the parts for something else.


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