Monday, 4 February 2019

Complete: Necrons from #Kitbashember

#Kitbashember was a fun project, and very fast-paced. My painting is much slower, so at long last in February I can present my completed Necron warband. Pics and info below the jump...

Thesh is a Necron champion and unit leader. They're distinguished by their four arms, exoskeleton and fragments of frayed robes.

Urshanabi, the Ferryman in their aspect of the Destroyer, is propelled silently through the air on grav-engines of unknowable ancient technology.

Sunafl, the Flayed One, was an embalmer in life, and retains vestigial impulses on preparing and preserving corspes. In undeath, their defective soul-circuitry dominates their entire awareness with a sensation of permanent coldness that can only be alleviated by encasing themselves in mortal flesh.

Iufni, the Prince's Ibis Warrior (Lychguard) wears ceremonial ceramite armor, wields a guass-blade, and carries ritual hollow skulls.

Nephilit is one of the rare Immortals, a Necron who retains some likeness of their organic form in their undead body.

Satur is a watchful Lammassu, an animated construct of the same stone-metal as Necron flesh.

The Monolith is a simple stone construct with a single portal door in one face. Necron warriors can disembark through its gateway, or it can discharge heavy weapons fire from the other side of its portal.

Prince Nakhtnebtepnefer leads the Necron warband. A young and headstrong prince, his rashness has put him deep into debt with the Sekhemresewadjtawy Dynasty, who loan him warriors and other constructs.

Uluburun the Scarab is a royal pet preserved using the same methods as the Necrons themselves.

Horemheb is a lowly Necron Warrior, often replaced when Nakhtnebtepnefer's foolhardiness gets them irreparably damaged. The Sekhemresewadjtawy Dynasty simply teleports in a replacement whenever Horemheb fails, and keeps a tally of what Nakhtnebtepnefer owes them for the expense.

Ushabton-616 is a Wraith, a maintenance drone constructed of some strange wax-like Nectontyr material. Silently floating through the tombs and battlefields, their limbs can simply phase through solid matter to fix damaged Necron circuitry or stop mortal hearts.


Thanks for following! While these took ages to get painted, I think my Relic Lizardmen are long overdue completion. Stay tuned...